Wednesday, February 25, 2009

See ya later UAE... Hello London

Today I was invited to London for a series of meetings next week...
bloody hell, not only am I living like a vagrant here (well, a 5 star
hotel accommodated vagrant) I am now off for a business trip with just
a weeks notice.

Because London is only 7 rather than 23 hours flying time away, I am
just going for two days at the back end of next week and its not such
a big deal compared to flying from Sydney. I have no idea what the
flights are like, but I presume it will be some form of red-eye fly in
and straight into meetings, spend one night in a hotel, more meetings
and then be back again.

I guess this is an example of the different mindset you have when you
live this close to Europe... its simply not as big a deal.

This is totally fine by me though as I am sure to take advantage of it
in our holiday time and take Niki and the girls to Europe on "quick
trips". This was one of the big incentives for taking this
opportunity, so I guess I will just have to get used to the expression
"pop over to London" as they say here.

I have to say, a trip to London sure will break the monotony of life
here in the hotel...

No real news today... nothing too exciting... but tomorrow I am off
site for an all day Risk Workshop with about 30-40 people... I am not
facilitating it, just making an introductory speech and then
participating, however the down side is that the "off site" is
actually here at my hotel! So, I get to walk to work tomorrow... and
walk home again!


fool said...

a "Risk" workshop... by gods, the Arabs are barbaric! Bring along some Catan or Arkham Horror and you'll blow their minds. Have fun!

Clay said...

Well, I didnt tell them that the key to "Risk" is to hold Australia and to force everyone through Siam...

Now if I did tell them, that would be barbaric!