Saturday, February 28, 2009

Skyping The Kids

One of the things I had set up before leaving was a webcam for the main PC at home so I could "skype" the girls when I came to the UAE.

Well, Skype worked an absolute treat before I left... skyping the main PC from the lounge room with my laptop worked great and we installed webcams at both mine and Niki's parents places as well. Skyping them worked fine as well.

But over here, sharing one internet connection with a multitude of hotel rooms means that bandwidth is an issue. Sometimes its just slow to bring up normal web pages let alone using Skype. But we persist and thru the many drop outs and freezes, it really has been helpful in helping both me and the girls at home stay in touch. I cannot imagine being here without it... there would be alot more tears at both ends!

The picture quality is fair to good depending on the connection but the best bit is being able to take happy snaps of Niki and the girls whilst chatting to me like these ones below :

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