Monday, February 16, 2009

Work heats up...

Well, I turned up to the office today and to my surprise, my entire floor had been refitted out and instead of my rickety furniture I now had a great desk, leather chairs and filing cabinets... much more comfortable!

And I needed it too because I was inundated with work and became very busy very quickly.  Which is good because I hate being idle at work and you always are at the start of a new job because you are finding your feet.

So, I was thrown in the deepend and before I realised, it was 6pm and the day had flown.

On the "living in Dubai" front, the only thing that annoys me is that I have to take a taxi too and from work every day and its costing a bomb because the on ramp near my work to the freeway was suddenly closed on Thursday and my 10min trip is now 20-25mins via a detour.  This means the meter runs longer and I am paying in the hip pocket.  So I rang up a hire car company to take out a hire car on a monthly rate and it is cheaper by a mile than the taxi bills but the issue is I need to have an Abu Dhabi drivers license.  It means I have to go to the local police station and spend hours in a queue getting the paperwork done including having the forms filled out for me by a translator in Arabic!

So I need to find time to do that asap or otherwise I will be a part owner in the local cab company given how much money I have given them!

On a good front, HSBC bank send a representative on site and I was able to chat to him and he is sorting out my banking issues... I should have a savings acct very soon as the one I attempted to open from Sydney isnt the right account.  The account is there, but the way its set up, I will get slugged alot of fees.

So other than taxis, its all good!  I have taken some videos of my driving exploits but access to YouTube here is difficult... and the hotel net connection blocks files over 5MB so I will try and upload them from work.  If successful, I will post some here on the blog.

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