Wednesday, March 18, 2009

24hrs Until Niki is Here!

Well... its like Christmas and I am 6yrs old!  Niki is coming for a visit and lands at 11pm tomorrow night.

By then, I should have the keys to our villa and I have booked into one of the fancy hotels in Dubai for a couple of nights and we'll do some sight seeing and some shopping in prep for me moving into the villa.

So its a combo of showing her her new country and more "prep" work... Between work and getting ready for Niki and the girls to relocate, I am really frazzled and I am looking forward to perhaps having a week of downtime with her.

I think we have also decided that I will come back to Australia in late May / early June to bring her and the girls back to Dubai... so to all my Aussie friends, be on the look out for me on a flying visit.

On the banking front, I got the pin numbers to my accounts... which is nice considering I dont have the ATM cards... but I think they are coming tomorrow!

I just have to keep telling myself to be patient... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

whats that the 25th/26th July you say.. what a good idea