Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dodgy Chicken

A pretty busy day at work today... was flat out in meetings and then realised that I havent actually achieved anything tangible other than talking alot!  One of those days I guess.

Mr Amit didnt show either today from HSBC... gonna give him one of my "stop dicking me around calls" tomorrow.

A scary thing though is that I have realised that I have to soon vacate the Al Raha Beach Hotel... I have about 2 weeks or so to find my own place.  Armed with my drivers licence, that starts in earnest TOMORROW!  I have been so caught up with logistics, that I havent been able to get about and house hunt.  Well now that I have my own wheels, I will be making calls this weekend to advertised properties.

Also, counting down the days until Niki gets here (next week!!) for a flying visit so she will probably be involved in the house hunt too which will be great.

For something different tonight, I went to Khalifa City for a look around and find something different to eat.  Khalifa City would be a 'blue collar' (read Indian) area between work and the hotel and I checked it out.  Not much there except what I thought was a KFC.... so I decided to go in... then I realised that whilst it had all the corporate colours and similar logo of KFC, it was actually "RFC".  RFC stands for Rapid Fired Chicken... *gulp!*

Well, I said why not and ordered a 3 piece box... lets just say I am now not sure if its Rapid cooked or if its "Rapid" on the way out!!  Pretty dodgy! Live and learn I suppose :-)

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fool said...

You have got to take the girls to this when they come over... looks f'ing awesome!,0,7203075.photogallery?index=1