Monday, March 16, 2009

Home... I have one!

Well, its been a busy 72hrs, well 48 actually... Friday was a lazy day! On Saturday I went up to Green Community and looked at 4 properties that were for rent... from 10am to 2pm I was with real estate agents and looked at the properties, but it was the last one that really grabbed me. A brand new (read 1 week old) 4 bedroom / 1 study villa right next door to a pool/gym complex. (Every couple of blocks there is a pool and gym and kids playground). Price was within my accommodation allowance set by my company and when I showed Niki the pictures that afternoon (it was 1am Sydney time, she was up waiting for me) she agreed that it was fantastic and to make an offer.

I did, we hageled a bit and our offer was accepted. Then this afternoon (Sunday, I am still thrown by the weekend being Fri/Sat) I left work early and drove the 45min drive to the Green Community and met the landlady (lovely lady, Iranian by background) and we negotiated the tenancy contract and I paid a 5% deposit and it was done! We have tentatively set Tuesday afternoon as the date I will produce a cheque for the first years rent (yes, rent is a year in advance, which my company will pay) and upon production of the cheque, the property is mine, I get the keys and I can start planning furniture! Because I have NONE! LOL!.

This is all perfect timing because Niki is flying in on Wednesday night and I will be able to show her her new home. I am very pleased with the timing!

So to give you a flavour, here is a shot of the front and a shot taken from the balcony of the Master Bedroom looking into the neighbourhood pool next door. Yes, the backyard is all sand and I have to get it turfed!

But its a brilliant place and is going to be ideal for the kids.


fool said...

phat pad! well done! you even have an extra room for Daniel!

Anonymous said...

Dont turf it - string up a volleyball net! problem solved!!!

fool said...

GOC has it right... maybe leave room for a hot tub and a kick ass bbq. Do it beach style, it's going to be hot anyway.