Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend Fun...

Well this weekend, I am actually going to take some time out and do something other than work and wait for various quotes and handymen.

In Abu Dhabi this weekend is the Red Bull Air Race.  I am going to drive to Abu Dhabi and check it out.  I have seen these things on the TV and am interested to see what its like live.  I am thinking of going on Friday though which is the qualifying day rather than the main race day and I probably wont stay all that long, but Friday in Abu Dhabi is always interesting because of the many Mosques and the call to Prayer Time is always a cool sound through the city.

So with the internet on at home (and working well!), look forward to some pics and videos of the planes wizzing around the Corniche.

And of course, I will be shopping... I am keen to buy a new suit.  There is a 48hr turnaround suit place in Madinat Jumeirah which does tailored suits apparently "cheap"... Madinat Jumeirah is one of the upmarket shopping areas around the Jumeirah Beach Hotel which is near the iconic Burj Al Arab (the big sail hotel).  We'll see how cheap is.

Also on the list to buy other than some odds and sods for myself... need to think about a dishwasher and Kate has picked her bed from the IKEA catalogue.

Other than that, its relaxing by the pool... the weather is warm without being stifling and taking some time out.

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