Monday, May 25, 2009

Finally! Some Football!

After lamenting over the lack of NRL coverage, my mate Noyz said he'd mail me a copy of a couple of games... and they finally arrived today!!  Sure, they're about 6 weeks behind because it came via Frankfurt Germany, but yes the little Indian mail boy showed up today in my office with an Aussie Post "Post Pak" covered in "Allemagne Post" and "Frankfurt" stamps and now I am sitting here in the lounge room watching the game.

Funny how you see things and they remind you of home... the Aussie post pak, his home address with NSW and a post code on it and now watching the game, there are TV ads that I havent seen before and some of those ads are in preparation for ANZAC Day that was forthcoming when the game I am watching (Saints v Parra) was recorded.  Makes me homesick :(

And also, I got a bit teary last week when Kate had worked out that I had been away from home for 100 days... sad that I have been gone that long, sadder that she was (is) keeping count.  It wont be long now though.

But before Niki and the girls get here, I have had my itinerary confirmed for my trip to of all places Copenhagen this week.  My entire Wednesday is taken up with travelling... I have an 8am flight and I get to Copenhagen 7pm Danish time (which would be about 10pm in the UAE) and then I have my meetings in a place called Golte in northern Copenhagen and then its back to the airport for a 6pm flight out via London to Abu Dhabi.  Like this weekend just finished, I get back at 7am on Friday morning.  In all, a 48hr trip!  No wonder I am tired!!

Gotta go... 2nd half of the game is starting ;-)

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