Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're flying!

Figuratively and literally!  This week has flown by and I am busy trying to cram all my work into 3 days in the office because tomorrow night we fly to London!  I keep forgetting that I actually have to attend a work meeting on Wednesday, but we're all very excited about London.  We have no real firm itinerary but will hit the major sites... Buck Palace, Tower of London etc so we'll make use of a map, the Tube and the red double decker bus to look around.

I have to work Wednesday, am having Thursday off, Friday is the weekend in the UAE so thats a free day and then Saturday afternoon home.  The other thing is that its our wedding anniversary and we'll be looking to do something to celebrate it as well... English Fish & Chips and a pint of warm beer perhaps!  I am sure we'll find something to do ;-)

Its a bit of a whirl wind trip but its very exciting as its Niki and the girls' first trip to Europe and its also the first opportunity for us to travel from our more central Dubai base.  Pictures next week!

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