Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Socially Adapting

We seem to be settling in as a family.  I am very happy about this as its always a hard process to move but its also hard to meet new people etc.  For starters, we seem to be getting into a domestic routine with the gardener and the house cleaner coming daily.  The gardener doesnt spend alot of time, but he ensures the water system is running and trims, prunes etc etc.  Its a great relief not to have to worry about mowing lawns etc!  We also have the cleaner come in every day and she will do downstairs 3 days a week and upstairs 2 days a week.  Floors, windows, bathrooms etc are all cleaned and polished!  Very nice.

But outside of that, a few milestones have been reached today... Firstly, Niki is off to have a few drinks with the other mums in the area as a bit of a farewell.  Alot of people (90%) are vacating Dubai for up to 2 months back to their home countries.  School summer break and the heat mean that many wives and children go for extended stays back home and the husbands take 2-3 weeks leave as well to do the same.  We're not doing this because the girls only just got here and it would be a bit of a waste, but this will be a target for us as well in 2010.  In the meantime though, Niki has met some nice people around the pool area and she is off for her drinks tonight.

In addition, I rang home today to hear that the girls were over at another girls house for a play.  This is excellent and I am glad they're meeting friends.  Its also doubly excellent because our house is still a tad empty and the girls do get a bit restless in the house without their 1001 toys, games and DVD's.  That should be rectified next week with our furniture arriving, but it has been hard on them.

And for me, I am hosting a D&D game on Friday night!  Yes, a bit of Geekdom as another Aussie, his Malaysian wife, an Irishman and his fiance and an Englishman arrive for the first session of a new D&D campaign.  Niki may play as well, we'll see how it goes...The group sounds eclectic... I havent met anyone other than the other Aussie (who is an ex-Blood Bowler from Sydney) and is totally experimental, but it will be good to roll some dice again.

So, we're slowly fitting in... which is all good news :-)


fool said...

Good to hear you're settling in... try not to kill them all at the D&D session. :)

would love to pop by for a visit once my new son gets a little older, if you're up for it of course.

Anonymous said...

Say G'day to Doug for me Clay.