Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend at Atlantis!

Well, I am back at work after a long weekend at Atlantis and I have to say I wish I was back!

The hotel is an amazing place and the workmanship and attention to detail in ensuring the "Atlantis" theme is consistent was really amazing.  Every piece of the hotel was in sync with the theme and on top of that it was out and out impressive.

In addition, the facilities were fantastic... there was the massive aquarium tank in which all fish resided together from the smallest bream looking fish up to a huge whale shark that circled around.  There was also a huge chilled swimming pool and a great bar and food options for all tastes.

It was Kate's birthday as well and we went to the buffet restaurant on her birthday night (huge selection) and they also brought out a birthday cake for her and sang her happy birthday to boot!

The main focus however was the water park Aquaventure where we spent three days going down the slides and Kate & I did the "Leap of Faith" in which you drop down a near vertical slide, go through the shark tank in a tube and get spat out the other side at about 120km/h.  Needless to say, it was over very quickly and I didnt see a single shark due to the spray that is generated!  Kate was very brave though and we did it three times.... funny thing was though she screamed louder each time she did it.

Will try and post up some pics soon!

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