Saturday, November 07, 2009


Wow, surreal experience today...

Went to Festival City today (yet another shopping centre) and whilst we're walking around, this lovely young lady comes up and says "Are you Mr Clayton?".  For a minute, I was thinking "ooh, I dropped my wallet or something" and I said yes.  She then said that she reads my blog all the time and really enjoys it.

I was stunned... and I was really stumped as to what to say to that, and I probably came off a bit rude because I was trying to comprehend how a complete stranger can recognise me in a shopping mall from my blog.

But anyway, we went to lunch and I was still trying to comprehend it all as I was sure the only people who read this are friends and family... but I guess, I must have some regular readers and I am quietly pleased someone recognised me!

So, thanks for the hello Mystery Lady, you made my day.


Greeshma said...


It felt really good to be included in your blog!!!BtW, The mystery lady is me and my name is Greeshma....It was a strange co incidence for me to bump into you, but felt really good too...It was like meeting the author of your favourite book:-).....Hope to read more of your interesting blogs!

Clay said...

Hi Greeshma,

Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment! Happy that someone is reading :-)