Friday, February 19, 2010


Am here in Amsterdam on a work conference... not much to tell as I have been in a hotel conference room for most of the time, but I did get to go and walk around a bit last night and see some sights.

Amsterdam is alot smaller than I thought it would be... it is basically a big, very compacted, village with wall to wall townhouses.  No real CBD, nothing but canals and small streets.  The streets are mostly paved and it was hard to judge when you were on the road, on the cycle ways or on the footpath!

Big highlight for me as an Aussie who doesnt go to the snow is that I was able to walk the streets whilst a light snow fell.  Very amazing for me as I have never seen snow fall like that before.  It was very cold, but I really enjoyed it.

As for the sights, we were walking and it was freezing so we didnt go far, but we saw lots of monuments and old cathedral like buildings but I didnt really know what they were history wise.

Today has been very grey and cloudy and it may snow heavily tonight (fingers crossed) and I am about to go out for dinner tonight across town a bit, so will see some more of the town (its not really a city) by taxi.

Its very pretty, would love to spend a day (which is all you really need) to explore and I must admit its nice to have a bit of cold weather after all the heat of the UAE.

Am flying back tomorrow night... so back to the grind next week after only a one day weekend at home.

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