Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lord of the Rings - A Tale For All Ages

Last week, before we had our friends Julie and Hannah visit, I sat Kate down and we watched the first of the two Lord of the Rings movies.  Kate has on and off again asked to watch it and we resisted because of the "scary orcs and the violence" but in reality it is quite tame when compared to some other movies.  But given she's a 10yr old girl your natural instinct is to say "no".

In the end I relented and we watched the movies and she sat bolt upright through two very long movies and she loved it and this week we will finish off the trilogy.  Its funny though that at the same time this is happening, I read this article on a gaming website I sometimes peruse (and I listen to their podcast) and thought this article was really sweet.

I think maybe, after we watch the movie, I will read the story of Bilbo Baggins to both Kate & Brooke chapter by chapter...

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