Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, we moved to the UAE and one of the benefits would be easier travel to other parts of the world.  After a year of settling in and only a short jaunt to London to show for it, we're off to France in early September!

Very excited!!

Booked the tickets yesterday and we're off for nine nights... which will be split between Bordeaux, Paris and Euro Disney.  I visited Paris nearly 10 years ago and absolutely loved it but was traveling with a uni mate and have always wanted to take Niki back there so its a long time dream coming true.

On top of that, the girls will be coming too and they're probably going to put in extra effort in French lessons at school before the summer break :-)

We'll be flying Etihad into Paris and then taking the TGV (France's "very fast train") down to Bordeaux and meeting up with our neighbours Felippe (who is French) and Marianne and enjoy the wine country with them.  We'll then head back to Paris after a few days and take in the tourist sites and then we'll end with a trip to Euro Disney for the kids and for big kids like me!

Very excited! (I said that didn't I....)


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