Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Normal Service is Trying to Resume

OK, Mum & Dad have been and gone and its nearly a week since then and still no post on the good old blog.  Sorry for that!

We have been really busy this week with the kids wrapping up school projects before their mid-term breaks (which is next week) with Brooke building a building to be able to withstand 1kg of weight, a blast of air from a hair dryer and be water proof.  We have the weight and water down pat, but the house is made of Balsa wood and its a bit tricky to add weight to it so it doesn't blow away.

Kate in turn is doing an exhibition and has to create presentations and multi-media material on any subject relating to "Peace and Conflict".  She has chosen to do the history of the Stolen Generation.  (For non-Aussies, that was the Australian government policy from colonial times through to the 1970s of removing tribal aboriginal children from their families and placing them in white, anglo-saxon foster families and missions).  She has done alot of work and its been really enjoyable to see her work so hard on a research project that she knew very little about.

The girls are going to an International Baccalaureate school and this type of hands on project work is typical of the IB system and I have to say I think the kids have both taken to it with great enthusiasm and they seem to be learning so much more effortlessly than in Sydney.

Otherwise, that's about it!  Work and general life has been the theme this week.  We are planning some trips and excursions in the coming months... its nearly Niki, Kate & Brooke's first anniversary of relocation and we should try and do something to celebrate... and the girls are also heading back to Sydney in July and I am supposed to pull my finger out and book a trip to Europe in August / September.