Monday, June 14, 2010


Das Mannshaft or in other words, the German Soccer team really did shaft Australia last night... Today I am really perplexed at a) the tactics that the coach employed (no strikers, 5 full backs) and b) how slow we looked in comparison to the Germans... but for full match analysis, I will leave you to read the newspapers because I want to dwell more on my personal experience last night.

Once again, I attended a bar - this time the Jebel Ali Sports Club - to watch the match.  Being a sadist, I accepted an invitation to join a party being hosted by a German contracting firm which was attended by, you guessed it, Germans.

By the time kickoff came around, I was outnumbered 40 to 1 and whilst the beer and food was free, the Germans in their jerseys, t-shirts and flags were making me pay.  Sure, it was all good natured and I was giving it back, but I always seem to end up as the vocal minority at these things.  I was wearing my Socceroos hat and had the national flag tied around my neck but I was just as much of a match for my German hosts in the sledging stakes as our team was on the pitch.

In the pre-game build up the Qatari TV network they had a number of British guys talking 95% about Germany but ex-Aussie coach Terry Venebles was one of the panel members and he declared Australia whilst not favourites would not be over run and would be very physical.  I didnt hear what Terry said during the half time break, but I am sure he wasn't saying Australia was going to come back and equalise.

But as the game went on, I slumped further down into my seat and the Germans were laughing it up at my expense and the beers couldn't come quick enough.

Finally it was over.  4-0 but it could have been 8 nil and the German hosts announced the winners of the "Pick the Score" competition of which I was eliminated from in the 9th minute when Germany scored their first goal (I was going for a 1-0 Aussie win).  A flashy soccer ball and sports bag were shared between the two guys who tipped 4-0 but graciously the German company man hosting the function came up and and shook my hand for being a good sport and for cheering on Australia.

He gave me a soccer ball as well with his company logo emblazoned on it.

I was very happy with getting his German ball... apparently they go into the back of the net alot easier than Australian ones!

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