Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup and a Bit Each Way

The Australian World Cup journey is spluttering along in which we really should be dead and buried but we keep on keeping on.... To have conceded 5 goals in two games and to be still in with a decent (read 10%) chance of qualification to the 2nd stage is not really a testament to Australia but rather a statement that a) the Germans should have buried Serbia and b) Ghana should have beaten us.  But we take it as it comes and we look to the heavens for a miracle in the 3rd and final game.  All we can do is win against Serbia and hope that either Ghana beats Germany OR Germany pummels Ghana by 3 goals.  Yes, we're cheering for BOTH teams to win!

If you can follow the logic as to why this is the case, then congratulations you are now a fully fledged soccer aficionado!

In other news, its getting rather busy all round at my end... Niki and the girls are making preparations for their trip home to Australia for a month to beat the heat and enjoy the extended school holidays.  I will be staying on and I am trying not to think about it.  I will miss them heaps and I will be alone for the entire month of July.  Other than the World Cup and watching the NRL I will probably be beating the heat on the weekends by staying indoors with the blessed PS3.  Might buy myself a new game...

Also at work each of my two staff members will be taking their summer holidays and for one week at least I will be manning the fort on my own.  So it will be lonely times indeed!

But, when the girls come back, I will be looking forward to our French sojourn in September and between now and then, I will be booking train tickets, Euro Disney and hotels!  Very excited!


Tim, Lisa, Trenton, and Grant said...

Best wishes for your move to the UAE.

Chris (gumbi) said...

hey mate!! I will be in france all September with the girl, will keep you posted on facebook of movements, maybe we can catch up>

Clay said...

What girl? You're a Eunuch?