Monday, July 05, 2010


Niki and the girls in Sydney and today I am off to London on business.  It amazes me how the world has gotten so much smaller over the years.  I am sitting here in Dubai and just skyped Niki in Sydney and will board a plane shortly to go to London and by this evening I will be in a pub catching up with some friends I have met via online gaming.  Then work will be the next day and will involve me meeting with my business colleagues who are flying in from Denmark and Germany.

Whilst this all goes on our dog and cat Molly and Charlie will be here being walked by our Sri Lankan maid...

Makes my head spin sometimes thinking about it and how far life takes you at times.

Other than the logistics of arranging all this, I am a bit bored and lonely and I can already tell that its going to be a very long month ahead.  Skype is great, but it freezes your life as you sit and chat away for ages and then when the call ends, the silence is pretty deafening.  I will need to do something to take up some time for me... perhaps painting or get into a new PS3 game or something.

Will report again when I am back from London on Wednesday!

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