Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still here!

Sorry blog readers, I am sorry I have been out of sorts with the blog posting but I have been fairly busy with work this past week and it isn't letting up with me traveling to London later this week as well.

Things here have been good though and a few general things I should blog about are:

One, we watched the might Dragons get into the NRL grandfinal yesterday and I have already booked myself a day off from work next Sunday as we take on the Roosters in the big one.  The NRL has been well covered by the local TV this season but it is a lonely place here in Dubai for the NRL fan.  Rarely do I see any NRL gear here (I saw one guy wearing a Raiders cap a few weeks ago) but I was down the local shops yesterday before the game in my Saints jersey and am proud to fly the flag when I can.  We will however (we being Niki and I) be watching the game alone in our lounge room on Sunday.  Saints by 4.

Two, we watched by accident last night the local Dubai TV news.  There is a channel called Dubai One on the TV guide which we never go to because it doesnt actually tell you what is on, but I flicked it on just as the news was starting.  We were laughing though as the stories were hardly hard hitting and it was all good news stories about the Sheikh's (who are in Kentucky USA on some equestrian event) and that there was a Arabian Suluki dog show in Abu Dhabi.  Oh and by the way, the budget surplus in Dubai is set to rise by 367%... not sure what creative accounting worked that out!

Three:  We have been without our maid Dhammi this past fortnight as she went to Sri Lanka for a holiday... it was a bit of a culture shock for us and a sign that we have been living the good life here.  Not that it was difficult but it is just very nice that things get done for us and when it disappears it takes a bit to adjust.  But Dhammi was back this morning and she stopped by on the weekend to give the girls some trinkets and Niki scored a new skirt.  Very generous!

Four:  And again as a contrast for what Dubai is like, we went to brunch on Friday and given there were 17 of us in all, we decided to hire a limo to take us.  What turned up was a jet black stretch Hummer that holds 20 and we piled in and really enjoyed it.  It was a slight premium on paying for enough taxis but not by much and the laughs as we all piled into the Hummer were worth the cost.  It made me think though how lucky we are to have our girls laughing and poking their heads out of the windows waving to passing motorists from such a massive car whilst driving down the golden mile of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.  They are certainly having a good life!

So, sorry for the lack of posts... I guess France took the wind out of my blogging sails, but life here is very good and we're still enjoying it.  The weather is down to the mid 30's and is incredibly pleasant and the summer is well and truly over weather wise.  Life is Good!

Go The Dragons!

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