Saturday, November 20, 2010


Now, a valid reason for the lack of posts... we went to Fujeirah this week on the eastern / Indian Ocean side of the UAE.  It was the first time I had seen the Indian Ocean (its actually called the Gulf of Oman this far north, but it all flows into the Indian Ocean) and it was a really interesting trip.

Whilst we stayed at the lovely Fujeirah Rotana Resort, it was the drive in and the drive out that was really interesting.  We took the scenic route in as we drove to Hatta (where we went about three weeks ago) and then pressed on to the coast over a small mountain pass road.  The mountains in the UAE and heading down the Indian Ocean coast to Oman are massive bare rock outcrops that look very jagged and rough.  The Blue Mountains of Sydney are really a big hill covered in gum trees in comparison as these were the biggest mountains I had seen (and yes, I have never been to New Zealand, the Rocky Mountains in the USA or the Swiss Alps).

The trip was also interesting because once again we got a glimpse of the older UAE and how the people outside of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are not that well off.  The townships we travelled through were all pretty ramshackle with road side fruit shops and places to buy firewood, it was very old school.  The roads were rougher as well and whilst there were plenty of flash resorts on the coast, the rest of the place was pretty bleak.

But that's what its all about - getting out and seeing the country side... and by the end of the three days, we had driven up all the way along the UAE East Coast from Kalba to Dibba. 

The holiday itself was very relaxing with our friends and I spent two days by the pool working on my tan.

The drive out home we headed north and then back west through the main mountain pass road which is right on the border to Mussandam and the Omani territory north of the UAE.  The roads were better but the views as the mountains came right to the sea were breathtaking.

All in all, a great trip away for our Eid break... and now we're on the down hill run to our trip home to Sydney for Xmas.

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