Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surprise Visitors to Dubai

Wow, 2 posts in as many days...

Last night was the culmination of a big secret that has been going on since about November in which our youngest Brookie's best friend from Australia has come to visit.  It was a secret to Brooke but we have been aware and preparing for what has seemed like ages and last night her friend Madi, her mum Jo and her big sister Cassie landed in Dubai and I secretly went out to pick them up from the airport.

Then at about 7pm, we pull up at the house, we ring the doorbell and Niki sends Brooke to open the door... SURPRISE!!!

She was absolutely shocked!  She had no idea and soon there were "happy tears" all around.  So at the moment, we have a full house with friends.  And that means presents!!

Niki must have mentioned that we missed certain foods from home and Jo brought boxes of lollies - yes BOXES - of things such as Redskins and my favourite Violet Crumble bars.  Aussie Aeroguard as well... we're now well stocked (the local and British stuff here is rubbish!).

So it's a big shopping extravaganza here as the 5 girls in the house are already lining up which mall they're off to over the next 17 days.

Full house yes, but always good to have visitors from home... and once again showing off that Dubai is actually a pretty cool place to live.

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