Thursday, March 02, 2006

Been sooooo busy...

Work has been very busy and it gets even busier next week when I do a three day road trip around the southern Australian states next week.  Got my itinerary yesterday and because of flight timetables, flights already booked and the fact my work will only fly with Qantas and won’t consider Virgin, I have a particularly hellish itinerary.

I have to be in Perth on Tuesday morning 9am Perth time and I wanted to fly out the night before and get into Perth Monday evening… but all flights to Perth are booked and I have to fly out 6:00am Tuesday morning, so therefore I am going to stay in Sydney overnight on Monday after work and get to the airport early and fly out.

I land in Perth after a nearly 5 hour flight at 8:30am Perth time and go straight into my meetings.

Work the day in Perth and I have further meetings in Adelaide the next day.  So I fly out of Perth at 5:15pm and land in Adelaide 10:30pm Adelaide time.  What a long farking day!  It’s a 2 ½ hour flight from Perth to Adelaide… and you lose 5 hours of time.  By Tuesday night, I won’t know whether I’m Arthur or Martha!

It then gets a bit more reasonable as I work the Wednesday in Adelaide and fly from Adelaide to Melbourne in the late afternoon to touchdown at Melbourne 6:30pm.  Hopefully will catch up with the SWL guys in Melbourne for a beer Wednesday night and then work the day Thursday and land back in Sydney 5:30pm Thursday.  Thursday though is my little Brookie’s 5th birthday, so I will miss the morning of her birthday, but will try to make up for it in the evening (if I can stay awake!).

Then its back to work in the office Friday….

So, you can look forward to some eclectic postings from me on my travels around the southern parts of Australia next week.

I am going to Queensland as well on the week after (March 15 iirc) and am unsure if I will spend a night in BrisVegas.  I will try to swing it so I can and then catch up with my good mate Gools…

Listening:  U2’s “War” from my U2 Albums of the 1980’s collection…

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