Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Weekend That Was

What a weekend! I got back from Melbourne on Thursday night and went straight to Mum & Dad's for little Brookie's 5th Birthday dinner. Pizza and ice cream cake. Brooke got a number of presents from Mum & Dad, but the favourite was the Cinderella costume... She was very happy as the Saturday was going to be her Disney Princess Birthday Party...

By the time Saturday came around, Brooke was busting at the seams. So excited to have about 8-9 friends and cousins over for a fancy dress party. This is the table at lunch time - so much pink! All her little school friends made a big effort and some of the presents were just too much. By the time the kids went home, we were exhausted - particularly Niki who had been getting the house and food ready for days!

And today, Sunday, we had a social game of cricket and tried to make a big deal and emphasis on the "social" element of the game. We had alot of the wives and girlfriends and kids down and probably the most handsome BBQ man ever ;-)

The game itself was "Wogs" vs "Aussies" and unfortunately, the Aussies got trounced by around 90-100 runs. A few house rules, 24 overs a side, all players must bowl at least 2 overs and no more than 4. Can't get out for a duck and last man of the 7 players can carry his bat.

And because of the obligation that EVERYONE must bowl, then this photo is the only evidence of me bowling. If I have my way, it will NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN! :)

A great day was had by all, but geez it was hot... semi finals next week! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

can you post the wogs vs aussies scorecard please, or at least the line-ups.

Clay said...

OK, the teams were:

Aussies: Terry, Clay, Noyz, Will, Steve D, Paul Agius, Siebs

Wogs: Nards, Enoch, Angelo, Joe, Pete & Cam Imbesi (which is only 6, so Cam batted twice)

Scorecards (from memory)

1. Cam 4ish
2. Enoch 4ish
3. Nards 29
4. Joe 50 (dropped on 4!!)
5. Pete nearly 20
6. Angelo 44 not out
7. Cam 20's not out

Total 5/170 off 24 overs


1. Will 6
2. Clay 15
3. Noyz 6
4. Paul Agius 16
5. Steve 12
6. Siebs 11
7. Terry high teens / low 20's

TOTAL: 7 (all out) for 75 or so in only 15 overs

Anonymous said...

ah, so the german enigma that is seibs is actually an aussie! i'm looking forward to his classification for the wogs vs aussies football match.


Clay said...

And Terry is half greek, and Paul Agius (no relation to Wayne) is half Maltese...

If it was REALLY wogs vs Aussies, it'd be Noyz & I vs the Rest