Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Sad Day - Floppsy

Niki and the girls went to the movies yesterday and when they came home late in the afternoon, they found our rabbit Floppsy had died in the cage...  The girls, Kate in particular, were hysterical and when I spoke to Niki on the phone they were incredibly upset in the background.  Apparently Kate had been playing with Floppsy and nursing her just before they went to the movies and so when they got home it was even more distressing for her.
Floppsy was the stray rabbit we adopted so we dont know how old he was, so maybe it was just one of those things, but we've had a terrible run of pet deaths over the past 6 months or so... but the girls are now worried that Matilda the Guinea Pig will be lonely and they're determined to get a new guinea pig or rabbit to share the hutch...  I am not keen but they absolutely love their animals and when I left for work this morning Matilda was on their laps in the loungeroom being cuddled.  I guess I will hear today that we will have a new addition to the family already.
This morning though we buried Floppsy in the front garden... the girls took one of the many spare paving stones and enscribed his name on it with love hearts and flowers and he is now resting next to all the other pets - Tonya, Rosie and Jimmy.  I have to say - its getting a bit crowded there!


DM said...

I remember when my bunny died - I think I was the same way as the kids. I have a very soft spot for animals and kids and get very upset when they get hurt.

Poor raddit :(

ozjesting said...

So...when do you plan on introducing "Pet Cemetery" to the night time book club? ;) sister-in-law breeds Dwarf Rabbits...may be a perfect fit for both the girls pet and Daddy's obsession ;) She is here tonight...will ask about it.

Anonymous said...

I know where to go when i prefect my animal reanimation technique!

Then me and Floppsy will rule the world!