Thursday, October 11, 2007

Overzealot Councils

School holidays have been on while I was away in London and as is tradition in my local area, many kids meet at Glenbrook park to play.  The kids get together and the mum's have coffee and watch their kids play on the swings and run around the park... all very simple stuff and you would think totally normal...
But oh no... not the Blue Mountains Council... they have done something incredibly stupid... they have FENCED OFF THE PARK AND BARRED ACCESS TO ALL!
Why?  Well the sign proclaims in big letters - "Park Closed Due To Dangerous Trees".  Yes due to the risk that a branch may come down in the local park from the gum trees and the higher than normal number of kids in the park due to holidays, they decided to close the fucking park!  HELLO!  Its the Blue Mountains... do they know why the mountains are called BLUE?  Its because of the haze that the billions of eucalyptus TREES give off in the sun.  There are trees in the Blue Mountains!  Thousands of them!!  And yes, there are some at Glenbrook Park.  Yee Gods!! How amazing!!
So the council has shut the park until they can determine what to do... local Greenies (and they too number in their thousands, and in this case I am with them) are aghast that the council may rip out the majestic gum trees from the park.  So there is a bit of a stand off and the lovely park is closed off with 10' high cyclone fencing and "Warning" signs.
If this logic is to be followed, the council should be asking all of us to stay indoors under our beds in case something falls on our precious heads.... but even then you're at risk because the bed may collapse as well...
Ridiculous!  Can we not get some common sense back in the world!


Anonymous said...

and I thought that the mountains were so named because of the language you hear? :~)

I can understand councils attitude though. If, and that's a big if, a branch does fall and clobber some kiddie, it's the council that's going to be sued and I'm betting their insurance wont cover it.
I wouldn't blame council. (Swear at them yes)
I'd blame (Americanised) society.


tribalsinner said...

You should be used to the Blue Mountains council by now Clay, hence why I am glad to have moved away. As for those greenies you are jumping on the bandwagon with, dont forget they are actually 6 fingered hippies.
I do agree with you though, its taking things to the extreme and it seems to be happening more an more these days. Give it 10 years and we will all walk around wrapped in bubble wrap suits!

ozjesting said...

Bubble wrap suits?!? Why do we have to wait 10 years? I want mine NOW!

tribalsinner said...

Oz, you can purchase your very own at casa de sinner, only $69.99

Clay said...

Bubble Wrap Wear?

See link

Lithium said...
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