Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marion Jones - World Class Loser

OK, enough of the gratuitous self posts from London...
Marion Jones... busted drug cheat... giving her "pieces of silver" back to the IOC.  Crys tears of apology...
Suck it up... maybe they should consider jail time for drug cheats.  Get caught using steroids at an Olympic event - 5 years of hard time in the jails of your home nation.
It makes me sick that this woman (and I use that term loosely - have you seen the size of her!) got lauded over at Sydney 2000 when it was clear she was on the juice.  Her husband got busted for roids (he was that massive shot putter) and she had muscles a man would be proud of and when she won all those races by the proverbial mile, we all gushed over her.
Well I said it then and I am justified - a dead set cheat.
And what is her punishment - she hands back the pieces of metal that made her rich beyone her wildest dreams... oh what a shame.

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