Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Home - At Last

Yes, made it back! Had a great trip... work went very well, we got a good result for our efforts and the socialising was good as well... busy, but good.

A few snapshots of my trip:

Me at Stamford Bridge just after full time... my seats were right there! Fantastic crowd and atmosphere. No goals though :(

My street where I stayed in London... my hotel is down the right side near those trees... Harrods is in the background on the cross street at the far end. The buildings on the left are normal apartment houses... very rich to live in Knightsbridge. The Capital Hotel was small, quaint, but reasonably priced and the staff were excellent.

Speakers Corner on Sunday morning... a Muslim man was speaking about how Islam is misunderstood and two American Jews were counter-pointing him. The guy with the hat (obscured) and his son (?) holding the bible aloft were criticising Islam for their "death to infidels" stance. The Muslim man countered that Infidels were only those who entered Muslim lands for "raping and pillaging"... travellers of faiths are always welcome... It was a good debate which I listened too for a good 10 minutes.

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