Monday, October 22, 2007


Well, the "Great Debate" was had, but I have to say it wasnt much of a debate... it was in front of invited Parliamentarians and dignitries rather than a cross section of the general public.

Also, the Libs have been accused of cutting off free to air broadcaster Channel 9 for using the dreaded "Worm"  - which clearly showed Howard getting slaughtered.  But who were turning the worm dials?  If it was the live audience, wouldnt they have just been party hacks from both sides who would probably turn the dial full "Left" or full "Right" depending their allegiance?  Howard and Rudd could stand up and admit to molesting children and they'd still get a positive reaction from their supporters...
And Howard used the debate as a platform for launching a new policy... this time on Climate Change in which he would put together a Climate Fund in - wait for it - 2011.
Thats 3-4 years away!  WHY?  Surely this issue is a "NOW" issue and he says "relect me and I will put in place a fund for Climate Change in 2011".  One, he wont be there and two, will that fund be contingent on the Libs winning the election after this one?
Seriously, the debate was a bitter one with alot of empty rhetoric, and the Libs continuing to pull out the "under Labor, interest rates will rise"... hello John, they've risen 5 times in the past 2 years on your watch mate.


Anonymous said...

Personally i would have preferred that Howard and Rudd face off in a pit of mud.

Then at regular intervals, 2 chicks in bikinis would enter to 'spice it up'.

I'd like to see the worm's reaction to that!

Clay said...

Nice idea, but cant we get straight to the "spicing it up bit" without J-Bro and Kev-Oh mincing around first?