Thursday, October 18, 2007

ELECTION: Howards Cuts Not Enough

Generally, it appears that the "Tax Bomb" has imploded rather than exploded and any internet poll you care to name has the people stating quite clearly that they'd rather have promises on services.
This is good, because I am quite sick of this country being run like a business and how we all hang onto tax cuts like its some sort of pay rise.  I am also pleased to read that many people are now linking the tax cuts to high interest rates and that Howards core promise of keeping interest rates low is actually under threat.
It is amazing though given its so hard to read about this stuff when the press is dominated by:
  • Ben Cousins from the West Coast Eagles is arrested for drugs (shock! horror!)
  • The lead story on this morning is about American actress Sandra Bullock and having some sort of issue (really, do we care! Why is this "lead story" on
  • Andrew Symonds getting racially vilified in India - but lets forget our Immigration Minister hates the Sudanese!
So well done Australia, lets keep the election in perspective and understand the issues rather than being fed the mindless dribble in the press.
.... Now what's the latest on Brittney Spears.....

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Dan said...

Aussie Politics - not a clue... But Britney has apparently had collagen in her lips ;)