Monday, October 01, 2007

London Weekend...

Have had a very good weekend in London... been very sporty.  Went to the soccer as I said yesterday and it was brilliant!  Had "Champions Club" tickets in which we had a free feed and a few beers before hand and then seats in the 2nd tier of the grandstand close to half way.  The atmosphere was unbelievable and was the best crowd I have ever been a part of.  The Chelsea fans took up 90% of the ground, but the small conglomerate of Fullham fans were in fine voice as well... it was like both sides were doing the New Zealand "haka" across the ground at each other.
The game itself I really enjoyed and both teams pushed their luck on the break and both teams could have (should have) scored a couple of goals each.  Unfortunately it ended 0-0 and I didnt get to hear the crowd go nuts for a Chelsea goal.
Dinner last night was at the oldest Indian restaurant in London and the food was fantastic!  Then it was back to the hotel for a much needed sleep, but it wasnt easy.
This morning, I woke up at 6am on a Sunday (never done that before!) and after a bit of emailing and work catch up, I went for a walk.  I ended up doing a whole lap of Hyde Park and that took a bit over an hour.  Then it was time for a shower and a look for a pub to watch the NRL Grand Final.
I wasnt really keen on this years Grand Final, but the atmosphere at the Fulham Slug was great as they had alot of big screens up and the place was packed with Aussies.  We then realised we will be here next Saturday for the Australia - England Rugby World Cup clash and instantly decided we'd be back at "the slug" next weekend for that.
Then I went for more walking and we to Harrods... amazing place and I will go back for presents at the back end of the trip.  They had an opera singer at the escalators singing so loudly and using the acoustics we ended up watching her for about 10mins.  Then it was into the food hall and we picked a few chocolates and truffles to try as well...
Lunch was at a traditional English Carvery were roast beef and roasted ham was served up with all the trimmings... along with a bottle of Portugese red wine, I was well and truly feeling stuffed!
But then it was time to do some work and we camped in the hotel bar with the laptop and discussed tomorrow's presentations.  We then realised it was 7pm and so my boss John and I went for dinner at an Italian restaurant about 10mins down the road... more wine, spaghetti, coffee etc and I am now truly truly stuffed and tired.  Its 9:30pm, I have to make some changes to my presentation tomorrow and then its time for bed... hopefully a few more hours will be forthcoming tonight!

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