Friday, October 26, 2007


Last weekend we were offered a free piano for our place as long as we paid for the removal and we went ahead and did it!
It was delivered today whilst the kids were at school and I just got off the phone with the girls who were ecstatic about it!
It was an older couple's piano that had sat in their family for years and they wanted to get rid of it and offered it to anyone willing to have it taken away... this was relayed to my brother in law who asked us and we said "sure!".

$380 to ship a piano from Mosman to the Blue Mountains and now we have some really happy kids!
Kate played a tune down the phone to me and said "Daddy, I was so surprised I closed my eyes and hit myself in the head to make sure I wasnt dreaming!".
Gotta love kids!
It needs a bit of a tune as some of the keys are a bit sticky and that happens Monday.  I dont know the people from Mosman, but their generousity is most appreciated.

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