Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Party Wrap

Well... that was a big weekend of food and drink.
Niki's birthday was celebrated on Saturday night when we went to the local Lapstone Hotel with the kids and had a big meal.  We played it safe and even took a taxi (the kids loved that!) and Niki and I had a bottle of wine with dinner and the kids ate up Calamari and Pizza and we just relaxed.
Our neighbours were there too doing the same thing... we should have car pooled!
We got home at around 9pm, put the kids to bed and then we both promptly fell asleep on the lounge!  LOL! Aren't we young ragers!!
Then Sunday morning - and it really was MORNING with Daylight Saving kicking in - we were lazing around the house and went to lunch with my mum & dad at Grappa's at Leichardt.  A massive meal that was... we shared 5 different entree's and then a main each and then desert with garlic pizza crust bread and heaps of wine... I tell you it was very tiring driving home, but we made it back around 4pm and you guessed it, we had a nap!
Niki dozed on the lounge and I laid on the bed with the iPod and the next thing it was 6pm... a very lazy weekend indeed!

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