Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back on the hustings...

Well holiday mode is now off, and I bring you back to reality with what is perhaps one of the biggest political scandals breaking as we speak. And not only that, its happened in my neighbouring electorate!!

I could throw a rock from my house into Lindsay and given my wife and girls spend alot of time shopping and dancing in Penrith, this is a bit of a laugh given the proximity and the fact that we're bombarded with these people's faces more often than my own electorate.... actually now that I think of it, I hear more about Lindsay issues with that nut job Jackie Kelly than I do about my own seat Macquarie...

Anyway, what am I rabbitting on about?

Read here: Liberals Busted

So what do the Liberals come back with? We're doing a Chaser-like comedy sketch!!

Read the last paragraphs of this story from the Chaser's Julian Morrow. Yes, he's being funny, but it is kind of scarily true. Liberals do a shamefully racist act and laugh it off as mimicking a comedy act? WTF??

Whilst I didn't read or see much news whilst on holiday, I did note that the Liberals also suppressed via a Supreme Court injunction the release of further papers that outlined their views and options on WorkChoices should they be re-elected. Since when do political parties have their papers suppressed from release 1-2 weeks from an election? Clearly they have something to hide!

I watched LateLine last night on the ABC and Andrew Robb was doing a good job of trying to defend the indefensible, but he was totally outpointed by Penny Wong on the Labor side and clearly the Liberals are a desperate sinking ship!

As it turns out, we're having friends Julie & Con over for dinner on Saturday night... I am going to enjoy BBQing dinner and watching the Liberals similarly get grilled at the same time!

Bon Voyage Howard, don't let the door hit you in the arse as you get punted!

Edit / Update: Jackie Kelly, the sitting member of Lindsay and wife of the alleged letter box dropper of this material was interviewed on ABC radio this morning. (Listen to that interview here) Is it just me or is she a) dumb as b) ignorant of the significance c) lying through her teeth or d) all of the above?

PS - turns out Mr Clark is our girls' orthodontist! How cool is that going to be at our next visit!!

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