Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gold Coast - The Family Stuff

So after the massive day at Wet N Wild, we had dinner with Mum & Dad, my great Aunt & Uncle Gladys & Jack and my Pop.

(l-r) Gladys, Mum, Kate, Me, Pop, Dad, Jack, Brooke

Pop is 83 years old and still goes strong. He walks every day around the beach and we experienced that first hand when he turned up at the hotel at 5am Saturday and I took the girls along with Pop and Dad for his daily walk... bloody long way! When we got back at about 6:30am, the girls and I went back to bed for a good 2 hours!

Saturday was spent at the pool and at the beach. The weather was fantastic and we had a great day. Kate, buoyed by her time in the wave pool went out up to her chest in the waves with me and Brookie for the first time went beyond her ankles in the water. It was a great day:

Niki & The Girls at Greenmount

After the pool and beach, we went out for dinner to Felini's in the Mirage Resort complex with my Nan and my Aunt Jan... the girls were excited as we had booked a limo for the occasion. They were very excited as you can see:

The dinner itself was great. The waiter was a bit snooty - particularly as we had the "audacity" to bring children to a fancy restaurant, but the girls were impeccably well behaved.

Dinner @ Felini's

As you can see, Brookie was enjoying being at the head of the table!

Sunday we had lunch with my Nan again, but this time there were 16 of us all up as Nan's sister (Aunty Nancy - who's 87 and deaf as a post), Mum's cousins and Nan's neighbours and friends all piled into Oskars at Broadbeach.

The lunch was huge and desert was a Bomb Alaska (sp?). Nan seemed to have a good time, there were two red wine spills (none from Niki or the girls!), a girl in a skimpy bikini played badminton on the beach for a good 2 hours for entertainment and the food was excellent.

Nan & The Girls

Nan enjoys her Birthday cake / Bomb Alaska

And thats about it! We didnt eat much for dinner... the girls were hungry so we went out for pizza which went largely uneaten, we went back to the hotel, packed and then got up early Monday for the flight home.

We flew back on JetStar which I thought was very good. It makes you realise how tired the inside of a Qantas plane is in comparison to JetStar's relatively newer fitout. The only hiccup home was getting the car out of the Long Term Carpark at Sydney Airport after I had lost the ticket, but that was about it!

A very good weekend for the family!

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