Friday, November 09, 2007

Finnish School Shooting

Another shooting tragedy yesterday combining disaffected teenager, YouTube and a gun... probably since the dawn of time, teenagers do it tough as they go through the angst of puberty... it must be true because what else would the Violent Femmes have sung about?
But anyway, it was said in the various press re this tragedy that Finland surprisingly has the 3rd highest gun ownership rate in the world... behind the USA and Yemen!
Now we dont get much free press out of Yemen, but I assume they have a fairly high gun crime rate and along with the US events of recent years, there is one common denominator... GUNS.
Do we really need to keep pushing this idea?  Do people really still dont get it?  If we got rid of the guns from the regular family homes, none of these things would happen!
Lets not crucify teenagers, lets not talk about the power of the Internet and social networking sights like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, lets talk about why and how a teenager can get his hands on a gun.
Seems so obvious, but why do people struggle to get this done?

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