Friday, November 09, 2007

Yes Please!

My ultimate household appliance!
With my birthday coming up, dont be daunted by the US$2000 price tag, get bidding!!!

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DM said...

You can build your own one for a fraction of the cost mate. It's commonly known as a MAME arcade cab. The woodwork really isn't that hard and there's sites dedicated solely to the development of these things and they're all powered by a standard home PC. The wiring for the control panel seems tricky and hard, but it's actually not. It's as simple as threading wires from the mounted controls to a controller module called an 'ipac' that plugs straight into the PS2 or USB port of a PC. It even has software that runs on windows to configure it. Seriously mate, you could produce something like this gamenator machine for much less yourself with some elbow grease and a little guidance.

And my fave custom arcade cab ever :

That Knievel guy is my hero :)