Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Painting Project - Nurgle Rotters

Am painting up a new Blood Bowl team for CanCon in January... am playing / painting a Nurgle Rotters team... for those not familiar with Warhammer fantasy, Nurgle is the Chaos Daemon of Decay...

Firstly, the Nurgle Warriors... they were Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warriors, with the mutation sprues and painted in a nice shade of green which actually was base coated a light brown but with overlaying green washes...

And here are the Pestigors... the team ball handlers / blitzers... They were Warhammer Plaguebearer of Nurgle figures with the weapons clipped off. Very happy with these... with some yellowish pus coming out too as a nice touch :)

Beast of Nurgle and the general rotter linemen to come :)

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