Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rates Up... Howard Out

Well, Mr Core Promise has broken it yet again...
I am not arguing about the interest rates themselves, I am not too bothered as I am in a fixed rate and will be for some time, but the point is that Howard keeps arguing about how good it is for the average Australian and really it isnt.  We live in a world of credit and pay through the nose for everything due to compounding taxes (state based stamp duty is taxed by the Federal GST).
Petrol this morning was a $1.36 at Glenbrook this morning and the price of groceries is obscene.  I had to buy some spare razor blades for my razor - something like $24 for 5 blades?!  WTF is that?!
Rudd wont be able to correct the rises... my point is he wasnt the one saying that a Liberal government would keep rates low and that they'd go up with a Labor government... unfortunately he has been exposed yet again for the crock of shit liar that he really is.

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