Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Liberals Implode!

Well.... Costello goes, Vaile steps down, Downer is depressed, Abbot describes himself on the sound bite I saw last night of "having reasonable people skills" (LOL!) and the walking Cone Head Brendan Nelson (ex Labor Party Member) is also keen to step up...
Seriously, it is too comical to watch!  Particularly as Howard made such a huge pitch for Costello on his exit speech to see Costello go "thanks, but I'd rather do something else" it just shows how much Howard had lost touch.
Turnbull seems to be light on in experience and is already engaging on the dreaded "me-tooism" that Liberals laughed about pre-election by saying that he supports Rudd signing Kyoto...
Having said that if Turnbull had successfully swayed Howard to sign Kyoto and he had apologised to the Aboriginals AND he had some sort of human compassion, then maybe Howard wouldnt be down at Centrelink today getting his pension.
In the meantime, Rudd has turned up at a school, requested Treasury costings for his proposals of PC's in the schools and has requested ALL of his ministers to visit a private and public school in their respective electorates before this Thursday!  Nothing like Day 1 enthusiasm! Lets hope it carries on for the entire term...
PS - listening to my favourite radio shows on pod casts (SheBang, Get This, Spoonman) this morning, its amazing how many wowsers rang up on Monday morning and complained about the result and how its going to be the death of Australia.  Get over it people!  About 55-60% of us voted for a Labor or Green candidate.  Your Coalition of Liberal and National barely had an impact and it is clear that people want more than dollars in the bank!


Anonymous said...

Damn right,Big C!

After 11 long years, al the Coalition and its supporters ever say is how great the economy is.

No argument there. More money in the pocket, supposedly.

But our spirit, our humanity and our "Australianness" was wiped out by an agenda based on fear, elitism and lack of human spirit.

You're right: it was something we couldn't quite put our fingers on, but whatever it was ... it's gone.

Now, hopefully, we can get it back. Mr Rudd, don't **** it up!

Uncle Scotty.

Anonymous said...

that pension you talked about is around $330000 a year till he carks it.