Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NFL Star Shot Dead

If you don't know already, I am a fan of American Football and in particular the Washington Redskins.  So it was a bit of a shock this morning to hear that Pro-Bowl Safety for the Redskins Sean Taylor was shot in his home overnight and died later in hospital.  ( story)
If you're following this story, it just doesnt make sense.  The guy plays for Washington, but lives in Miami, he was shot in the leg at around 2am in his bedroom and yet had to be airlifted to hospital in the wee small hours.  Surely an ambulance could have gotten there just as quick at 2am in the morning.  He was also shot in the leg and yet died.
Is this an indictment on US health standards or really is there something not being disclosed.
Nevertheless, it is a sad indictment on the US gun laws in which people can be shot - presumably execution style given the home invaders broke into his bedroom - at any time.
Another sad story arising out of the country that for some unknown reason we want to emulate.

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