Friday, November 02, 2007

Martina Hingis Drug Test

Martina Hingis tests positive for Cocaine... and then says she's innocent, but then retires instead of defending herself.  Very odd behaviour of an innocent person... she is effectively pleading guilty via her actions.
And guess what.  She is guilty.  Listen to this world:
"Rich people who have more money than they know what to do with, take drugs!"
Is that so hard to understand?  What does a person do with millions of dollars?  They do the things that if they were poor they couldnt do and presumably that includes sticking cocaine up your nose.
Whilst I always enjoyed Hingis as a player when compared to the muscle bound behemoths that are the Williams sisters and Moresmo (sp?) she was a breath of fresh air... but you know what, she's only a rich girl with a drug habit in the end.  Sad, but true.


ozjesting said...

I don't have the facts at hand...but I am always a touch leary of the logic leap "she did drugs therefore she is an addict!"

While it can indeed be a "drug problem" the old joke goes "The only problem I have with drugs is getting them!" ;)

So while it may indeed eventuate that we have another sad case of young star going down the wrong road...let US be careful of instant assumptions and "Reefer Madness" style mob mentality.

Oh...I also subscribe to the other old joke, "There SHOULD be drugs in tennis...for the SPECTATORS!"


Anonymous said...

i too am a Hingis fan, though i was hoping her moment of controversy involved a grainy sex video (ala Paris Hilton) instead of boring old recreational drugs.

Clay said...

Very true Anon...

Guess now we'll cop a Lindsay Davenport video instead!!