Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Repeat Post - Melbourne Cup Blows

My views have not changed.  However, to add to my bitter relationship to the Melb Cup, it appears that I wasnt added to some sort of email distribution list for North Sydney staff when I joined my new job 3 months ago and I was not aware today was a) Mufti Day b) that the Office Sweeps were drawn YESTERDAY and c) that there is a function on at 2pm that I had to RSVP to.
So my day is even shittier... 


DM said...

I agree. Melbourne Cup day is just another day for people to dress up and act like idiots over lunch. I think people don't necessarily give a shit about the race itself, but rather the social occasion the event brings to most boring offices around the nation.

Besides, it's not like you really need much encouragement for Australians to get dressed, drink piss, eat food, be social and have a punt - it's almost our god given right to hold such a tradition!

I didn't buy a sweep. I didn't place a bet. I didn't even bother going for the usual lunch.

I don't think I'm really missing out either.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Clay. I heard that the thursday after the cup is traditionally "Take a gun to work" day :~D


ozjesting said...

Weird. It appears you also didn't get the email in which I laid out the Straight Six and told you to get a bet on for us!

Damn YOU!!!