Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back to Work...

Back to Work...

After the birthday festivities, it was back to work today and I was crammed in the train today like a sardine.  Ended up having to sit in the 5 seats facing each other and then got caught with a mix of guys and girls who sit like guys and girls with the legs splayed or not so by the time I got to Central my left leg had gone to sleep big time.  When you get 5 people on a train facing each other and each with bag(s) and umbrellas it sure makes for an uncomfortable journey.

The reason it was cramped was because we only had 6 cars instead of 8 I just don’t understand why the car numbers fluctuate? Do they forget to attach them at Lithgow or something?

And the wet weather just is now getting me down bugger the farmers and drought.  Travelling in the hot humid weather with rain is not pleasant.  One day here or there is OK, but this weather has been going on for ages now

mmm. Boring post that one hey ;-)

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ozjesting said...

Blame YOURSELF! You should have been a car...all alone...thinking ahead to saving Arkham! The GOO has awoken early...and his target is YOU!