Thursday, December 13, 2007

Concert Success

Concert Success

The concert last night went extremely well the girls danced very well and made us all very proud.  They had to spend the whole night backstage so we had to sit through the Drama groups rendition of Oliver before we could see them but then they were able to go onstage and take their bows and Kate could see us up the back and was waving hugely.

Then when it was all over, despite being told to wait for Niki to pick them up from backstage, they had run up the aisles to us and both were bouncing around very excitedly.  Brookie especially was jumping around in her Jesters costume and couldn’t stop giving hugs and kisses to everyone.

Poor Niki though was worked to the ground after she had spent a considerable amount of build up time (weeks!) either doing costumes herself or ferrying other kids around whos mums were also doing costumes and then spent all of last Saturday and Sunday at rehearsals and the photography sessions and then yesterday at Panthers for 12 hours solid for more rehearsals and then the big show itself Mum of the Year in my mind!

Thanks to Mum & Dad and my mother in law Beryl and niece Lizzie for coming out to see the girls too they really appreciate it!

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