Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dancing Concert 2007

Dancing Concert 2007

Whilst I have been living my life recently there has been a strange culture in my household known as Dancing”…

My girls are into dancing in a big way and whilst I am at work, Niki is invariably taking them to dancing lessons nearly every night of the week.  Ballet, Tap and Jazz and Troupe these are words that are constantly bandied around the dinner table and I am, due to my working life, invariably unaware of the finer details that goes into these lessons.

But all that comes to a head tonight with the annual Christmas End of Year Dance Concert and the girls have been busy rehearsing and even this year Niki has been flat out with making props and costumes.  It has been a constant underlying current of activity at our place that I hear about all the time but rarely get to see

It is though a very big event and the Evans Theatre at Panthers Leagues Club tonight will be chockers as the parents, extended family and friends of every kid cram in to see the fruits of the years work.  For Kate and Brooke, my parents and Nikis mum and sister attend and that is replicated for every kid so there is easily 1000 people in this theatre.  And do you think my girls are nervous?  No way!  I left this morning and Brookes hair was already in curlers and Kate has an appointment at the hairdresser today and its all ready to go.

I had the privilege last Sunday to go to the dress rehearsal and what makes this year different from the past 2 years is that Brooke is in 3 dances herself rather than one and for the first time the girls are on stage together at the same time.  Also, without being too boastful or biased, they both are front and centre in their respective dances and Kate has a small solo bit as well so its all very exciting.

I will be leaving work after lunch today and heading home early to make sure to get there on time even though I thought I would hate the dancing when I had 2 daughters, I have to say that nights like these make you very proud.

Good Luck Girls!

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