Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Getting back into it...

I am going back to exercise.  Would you believe that there is a 24hr gym open at Emu Plains and I went there last night at about 10:30pm.  Its not a flash gym in any sense of the word and the bikes are a bit out dated but the treadmills are fine and the weight room is also fine.

I have a tread mill at home (gathering dust) and the dog is keen for walks so every night I will do one of three things - go to the gym, walk the dog or walk on my treadmill.
At a BBQ on Sunday my mates and I decided to make a pact to lose 10% of our weight.  Lets just say three of us raised the century mark... and I was one of those.
So, pending my knee snapping in two - which it felt like on the bike last night - I will be adopting an exercise routine.
Last time I did this, it lasted 6 months... lets see if I can keep going this time!

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Dan said...

Good Luck ;)
And at the risk of knocking it all on the head really quickly, why don't you put the dog on the treadmill :D