Tuesday, December 04, 2007


One thing that I have forgotten to mention this morning is new PM Kevin Rudd signed the Kyoto Protocol.

From what I can see today, our economy hasn't packed it in and there are not suddenly 100,000 people out of work. Reading the papers today, there have been a number of damning articles on how we, via the negotiations of ex Liberal Minister Robert Hill were able to allow our carbon emissions to INCREASE between 1990 and 2012 as opposed to the rest of the world requiring their emissions to decrease.

And now they're saying that we'll over shoot the target of the allowable 8% increase by 1%... and now we will have to pay by being further under the hammer in the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol.

But, that should teach us a salient lesson on putting people more in tune with making an economic profit in charge of a subject matter that required a bit of long term vision for the greater good.

Well done Mr Rudd for doing something on Day 1 after years of stymieing by your predecessor.


Anonymous said...

And the worlds problems disappear with the swish of a pen.

Australia contributes 0.7% of the world emittions. so if we turned everything off and all sat still in the dark it would do SFA.

tribalsinner said...

Clay, your very passionate about the labor party... would you have cried if John Howard won again? :)