Friday, December 07, 2007

MySpace Bullying

MySpace Bullying

As a tech user and a blogger and a parent of two kids who are all ready computer savvy they send and receive emails to friends who have moved away I am always conscious of stories like this one.

Seems very sad that a parent would do such a thing and that this sort of bullying can get out of hand I have no real comment to make about all this that hasn’t already been said in the press, but for the sake of putting this stuff up here and to be aware of your childs internet habits and usage.  Never let your kids surf the net alone always keep the PC in full view of the main house and whilst you don’t need to spy on your kids, you should be aware of who they are chatting to on MySpace or MSN etc etc.

The whole reason I try to keep up with technology (and this blog is an example of this) is that I don’t want to be blindsided by something when my kids are old enough to be doing things without my knowledge.  Kids will always do that, but I want to know what the latest technologies involve and what they entail.

This caused a wave of issues not long ago, when the press were reporting high phone bills because parents were blindsided by SMS bills from their kids.  You don’t see that much anymore because to kids, texting is now secondary its chat logs and forum boards now and because that doesn’t cost as much, you as a parent can get caught out by this because its not hitting you in the wallet.

Anyway, beside all that this is another classic of the Ugly side of people

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