Friday, December 07, 2007

Birthday Weekend!

Birthday Weekend!

Its my birthday on Monday and I will soon have to up my age on my profile here by one more digit

35 years old half way to 70 for some reason it seems a bit more of a milestone age than 30 did.  I am now in my late 30s.

Still, I like to think of myself as young and I do still play cricket (badly), like to go out with the boys (and really pay for it the next day) and I still get very little sleep like I did when I was a uni student but the body is finding that harder to deal with.

This year for me has been a bit of a milestone I have changed jobs, feel a little bit more financially secure (yet I still am trying to work out where it all goes!) and I have seen my little Brookie go to school which changed the whole dynamic of our household.  Its been a tough year on the health front with Niki & I having our ups and downs and even Kate had to have orthodontic work done.

So this weekend, I am kind of keen to have just a nice birthday nothing outrageous play a bit of cricket on Saturday, Mum & Dad are coming over Saturday night where we will eat in because Brooke will be in curlers for her Sunday dancing and refuses to leave the house looking like that!.  Shes only 6 and is already conscious of looks and being fashionable!

Monday itself will be a working day, but I will be home early and to be honest I don’t know what were doing!

So, happy birthday to me!

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Daniel Bowen said...

Surely 35 isn't late-thirties, it's mid-thirties! Happy birthday Clay!